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Finding Your Perfect Fuck Buddy Tonight

Whatever you call it, a fuck buddy, one-night stand, no strings attached relationship, or booty call, we all know that it simply means one thing – we want to fuck, right now. For some people it could be very casual sex, for others it’s a relationship with no feelings. We understand and don’t sugarcoat it. That’s why our site is considered one of the best adult sites of the year that focuses on delivering results you’re looking for – get laid. No need to make things complicated.

New to This?

For those who’re new to this and need clarification, a fuck buddy is someone you are sleeping with/fucking where both of you understand that each person is simply using the other for sex and pleasure with no other extra commitment. This is not a relationship in its traditional sense, so no, they’re not your girlfriend or boyfriend, neither are they your side-chick or mistress. A fuck buddy is just for pure pleasure. This is a transactional type of casual relationship where all people involved simply want to have no strings attached casual sex with no nothing extra. You meet, you fuck. It’s that simple. Make sure you keep that mindset throughout the process to manage your own and your potential flings’ expectations. Don’t get too invested.

At the same time, fuck buddies are committed to one thing – sex. So you can rely on them for that, assuming you both agree on your specific arrangements. If you both want you can be friends but it’s not very common because it’d involve more feelings and attachment. Usually, the hottest sex happens when people don’t know each other at all and keep it that way. It makes sense because you don’t really want to know their issues, problems, etc., you just want to have great sex. Most of fuck buddies are discrete and enjoy safe and private intimacy with someone steady and reliable. Yes, people want to try new things but at some point, we all find what we like the most and would want to repeat that many times.

Want to Know More?

Remember the days of mailing (yes, mailing not emailing) dick pics, looking through Craigslist’s casual encounters section or going to an Asian massage parlor for a quick rub and tug? Well, those days are gone now with the rise of modern technologies. Everything is so much easier nowadays to get what you need with no or very little hustle. In fact, it’s never been easier in our life to find a local fuck buddy nearby within just hours. With new smartphones and dating apps popping up all the time, there has been an explosion of casual hook-ups. People don’t even need to get home or an Internet cafe to go online anymore, we all have a small computer in our pockets. All we need to do is to search a bit for “free one night stands near me”. Easy!

Mainstream dating apps like Tinder, Ashley Madison, Grindr (for gay men), and a bunch of other similar apps have made it very easy to find quick casual sex locally. Some people out there are finding a fuck buddy in less than 20 minutes. Imagine! These apps essentially boosted sex on demand and created a marketplace for it at the same time. While those apps don’t advertise themselves as casual sex apps, it’s very obvious why a lot of people, especially young people, use them all the time to find a fuck buddy. Using these apps or similar sites/services like ours is probably the easiest way to find local women and men that you’ll be compatible with.

If you possess good social skills and have no problems with picking up women at bars, clubs, and other social settings, then you should definitely keep doing that. Nothing should stop you from conquering new territories. But if you need some help or want to simply skip all the hard work of common social interactions such as going out, buying drinks, having dinners, etc. you can use one of the online dating sites or download a casual hookup app and begin your journey of sex on-demand in the comfort of your home. And the cool thing is you can do it anytime you want during the day. To go to a bar, for example, you’ll need to wait until the right time of the day. No hot girls go to bars in the middle of the day unless they’re alcoholics. You’d want to avoid that potential drama.

Now there are people who have good social skills and prefer traditional approaches like going out to bars and clubs to find casual encounters. It takes more effort and time with no guarantee. So if you’re into a thrill and want to play that game, it’s totally fine. Just make sure that your game is on point because people, especially women, are very careful and picky these days. Even for a lot of hot guys with good games can’t pick up women at bars and clubs that easily anymore. We had a lot of good-looking guys in a high-income bracket telling us how they struggled to find a casual hook-up at bars and clubs. And then when started using online dating services everything is so much easier.

No worries.

There’s a certain level of finesse that goes into finding a fuck buddy and keeping the relationship going long-term. Sadly, not everyone’s born with the knowledge (or even the faintest idea) of what to do in these situations. But no need to worry — for those who want to use a hookup app to find a fuck buddy, here’s what you need to do.

There is a right and wrong way of going about things on casual sex sites/apps to get lucky. Naturally, we’ll need to invest some time and effort in order to present ourselves in the best possible light. So here are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure we get action, possibly even attract a great fuck buddy:

Tip #1 — Look Fuckable in the Picture

The profile picture is the first impression we’re going to make on a would-be sex buddy. So perhaps the most important thing to do is show our face in it and look as fuckable as possible. There’s no need to make douchey or funny faces, or, God forbid, use a group photo to introduce ourselves.

Also, people tend to be attracted to those who are smiling or showing off a sexy smirk on their photo. Of course, that isn’t necessary, but if it increases the likelihood of us getting laid, why not do it?

Another thing that should go without saying but that some people probably need to hear is the following — don’t put a dick pic for your profile picture. Honestly, no one wants to see that before even knowing what the person’s face looks like. It comes off as cocky, and most potential fuck buddies will likely swipe left and never look back.

Finally, we should all have our trusted friends approve the profile picture we’re planning on using. Thanks to a misguided sense of confidence, we could end up picking a photo that will never get us laid. We can even have our friends “smash or pass” potential profile pics and decide on the best one.

Tip #2 — There’s a Time and a Place for a Dick Pic

Some of us think that sending a nude or a dick pic is the quickest way of getting action. However, we could hurt our odds of getting the Twinkie stinky by sending a risqué photo too quickly. So there’s no need to introduce ourselves with a dick pic, and more often than not, a simple “Hello” will suffice.

Still, there are some instances that call for a dick pic or a nude, especially if someone asks for it. When that time comes, here are the do’s and don’ts of sending the perfect picture of the mister:

  • Include the whole face and body in the shot — This might sound a bit risky, but the receiver will appreciate it more, and the photo will likely look better.
  • Find the best angle and lighting — There’s no need to tuck the balls and only include our penis. Yes, it’s the star of the show, but people might think that there’s something wrong with our anatomy and block us.

Tip #3. — Be Wary of the Ones Looking for a Commitment

People use dating apps for all sorts of reasons, such as looking for friends, life partners, or just a conversation. Also, while some people use sexy images and language to attract more hits, they might not want to hit that ass. Additionally, there are some who want a low-key way of advertising their… services — which they charge for.

Because of all of that, weeding out the choices and finding our fuck buddy isn’t always straightforward. Still, we should always make our intentions clear from the get-go and be on the lookout for any red flags. That leads us to our next topic — what do we do about the crazies on these hookup apps?

Tip #4. Stay Safe

Let’s face it — the world is full of weirdos. However, there’s a thin line between being a bit kooky and being full-on insane and biting someone’s penis off.

The issue here is that the internet offers a safe space for these people, as it gives them the ability to disguise themselves. Thus, they’ll be able to trick us into a fall sense of security and put us in a dangerous situation.

So we need to do everything we can to ensure we’re safe during each casual hookup. First of all, we should let our friends know where we’re going, who we’re meeting with, and when we should be back home.

Also, it’s always a good idea to keep mace on our person when going to a sketchy part of town. Alternatively, we could also carry a deodorant so that we don’t stink during our hookup — and protect ourselves if we need to.

Tip #5. Nobody Wants to Do the Creep

Some people just ooze creepiness, and this quality tends to bleed into their online personas. Still, we have to find ways of not coming off as creepy because it can prevent us from ever getting laid.

A good rule to remember is — if we even have to ask ourselves whether we’re being creepy, we are. We could also take some notes from Real Social Dynamics (RSD) videos until we learn to act normal. If all else fails and we still must creep, it’s best to channel this energy onto the people we don’t plan on taking to bed.

Now that we know how to act on hookup apps, one question still remains. What do we need to do after the encounter in order to keep boning on a regular basis?

So, we’ve done the deed once, and now we want to keep getting it on with the person in the foreseeable future. First of all, we’ll need to ensure that the fuck buddy system doesn’t turn into the “this could turn into something real” pitfall. To keep our new lover close (but still at arm’s length), we’ll need to do a couple of things.

#1 Communicate That This Relationship Isn’t Going Anywhere

We need to make our plans and wishes crystal clear from the very get-go. That way, both parties will know what they’re getting themselves into and won’t try to make the hookup into something else.

Moreover, we shouldn’t lead the other person on and make them think that there’s a possibility of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. After all, it’s not fair toward them and could get us into a heap of trouble.

#2 Keep Things Casual at All Times

Sadly, there often comes the point in a fuck buddy relationship where one person wants to take things to the next level. If we’re that person, we might be in dire need of a reality check. First of all, if we have already agreed on the type of arrangement, we can’t blame the other person for wanting things to stay the same. We can’t force anybody to enter a serious relationship with us — and why would we want to?

However, if we’re the ones being pushed to take the plunge, there are things we can do to get our fuck buddy system back on track. Believe it or not, many people will lose interest in a topic if we ignore them long enough. So if we just dodge the question every time the other person brings it up, they’ll probably give up after a while.

We could also try explaining to the person that this arrangement is what they signed up for and that we like the things as they are. To avoid insulting the other person (and losing the fuck buddy for good), we should try to be as gentle as possible. There’s no need to be an a-hole and tell them they’re not good looking or smart enough for us to be with them for real.

Instead, we can simply tell them that the relationship isn’t meant to be for X, Y, Z reasons. Also, even though “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse might seem like it’s been used to death, it can be quite effective. Finally, we shouldn’t lead the person on by making them think there’s even a possibility of a relationship.

#3 Don’t Get Too Familiar

Sure, we all have our deep-seated insecurities. But when it comes to our fuck buddy, they have no business dealing with them. If we need someone to talk to, we can hire a therapist or whine to our friends and cat — never the person we’re casually fucking.

Honestly, no one likes a desperate person; it’s not at all attractive, and it might put our fuck buddy off for good. Keeping things simple is crucial, and that means steering away from serious topics. They’re there to have sex and have a good time, not hear someone’s whole life story.

#4 No Excessive Messaging

Almost nothing kills a person’s libido in a way that a constant texter does. Overtexting can come off as needy, desperate, and overbearing — not hot, sexy, or fuckable.

Also, as this relationship is quite casual, there’s no need to talk to each other all day every day. An easy way to deal with this is to remember the 1:1 rule.

Unless you’re in a sex-related emergency, don’t text until they do. Also, don’t ask how their day was or send three consecutive messages to get them to answer. Yes, even if it means waiting things out for a few days to get an answer from the other person. If we forego this rule, we’ll come off as a needy, clingy douche that needs constant attention and affirmation.

#5 Avoid Involving the Fuck Buddy Into Our Lives

Our fuck buddies have no business knowing any other personal part of our lives — including friends and family. Above all else, we cannot under any circumstances purposely introduce the person to our parents. This act could result in our fuck buddy freaking out and ending the arrangement for good.

If we run into our parents while with our fuck buddy, we can introduce them only as a friend. Our moms and dads don’t need to know what this relationship is and what it consists of — and that would likely lead to a lecture anyways.

Overall, we mustn’t make them expect something more from the relationship by introducing them into our lives.

#6 No Barebacking Allowed

The only thing more frightening than having an AIDS scare is actually getting the disease. So anyone who’s passionate about having hot stranger sex, especially with multiple partners, needs to wrap up. It’s the year 2020, people, and by now, we should all know that wearing a condom is a must.

This simple product will help you steer clear of a plethora of sexually transmitted diseases. Do things like gonorrhea, pubic lice, chlamydia, or genital warts sound like fun? No? In that case, let’s just all wear a condom during our sexcapades.

We should only make an exception if we have a regular fuck buddy that isn’t bumping uglies with anyone else. Even then, both partners should be tested for STDs and wait for the results to come back as clean before climbing on top of each other.

However, just because we can avoid contracting an STD doesn’t mean we’re home free. As the other biggie that could ruin your hookup (and more) is an unplanned pregnancy.

#7 Planning Ahead vs. Planned Parenthood

Even when both partners are healthy, contraception still needs to be a part of the equation. Those who think that the “pull out method” is an effective one should be ready for the gut-wrenching trip to Planned Parenthood.

Instead, a woman can get an IUD, “the pill,” or other types of birth control to prevent pregnancy. There’s also a birth control pill for men, known as the Dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU) that decreases the production of sperm. Additionally, those who never want to experience the “I am your father” meme first hand could even get a vasectomy.

Even though abortions are still legal in most states in the U.S., they truly are the last resort. The experience won’t be a pleasant one for either party and will probably cause the two of you to part ways. Also, getting an abortion is incredibly expensive and stressful and will ruin your sex life for a while.