Up For Fling serves as your ultimate guide through the world of adult dating and entertainment platforms.

Today, the hookup market is oversaturated with the abundance of offers which makes it extremely confusing for people to choose the right platform to go with. Many websites offer discreet hookups, phone sex, cam girl experience, adult games, etc. and if you spend enough time you’ll eventually find something that suits your needs. But not everyone has time to waste or patience to go through hundreds of websites and apps when there is an urge. Things may get very irritating because a lot of platforms out there don’t vet their members carefully which leads to people being flaky or, even worse, scams. That’s where we, Up For Fling, come in.

We do all the hard work to save you time and increase your chances to get what you want without browsing through countless websites and apps to get laid or to simply have some little fun with phone sex or cam girls. Our team has spent thousands of hours assessing and reviewing adult dating and adult entertainment services to narrow down the list of the most reliable and quality websites and apps for our users. Not only we regularly go through websites and platforms ourselves we also analyze thousands of user reviews/testimonials across the web to validate our assessments.

On top of that our team constantly monitors the industry for new players in the game. We don’t usually include newer services/platforms in our rankings or top lists because we spend time assessing each of them before recommending them. Based on our internal data, so far, only about 4% of all platforms we analyzed can offer acceptable quality services. And out of those we list on the top one on UpForFling.com. Some good platforms/services don’t even make it because of our strict internal scoring system. For example, one of the criteria we analyze is site performance. Why would anyone want to wait for 20-30 sec for a website to load?! That’s insanely slow. So we keep those out of our lists even though their service is good. We make sure our users get the best possible experience.

And the best part is, our website is totally free for anyone to use. So, what are you waiting for? Go have fun!